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HOW do burzhujku

How do burzhujku

Stove - this word is heard by all.

Despite the slightly disparaging name, this stove has saved many people from the cold in the dashing years of war and revolution.

However, the stove can also now serve faithfully. With the help of a good heat holiday house or garage.

Stove is easy to make your own hands.



There are many options for manufacturingstoves - from the most simple and cost-effective to complex. The most artless homemade burzhujku can make out of the ordinary milk cans with a capacity of 40 liters. Instead of cans you can take any iron box or jar. Some make stoves from old gas column - the main thing that was a metal case. And then half-goal achieved. In this case you have not incurred any costs.

How do burzhujku


Now we have to get down to business. Take what you have chosen as the body - jar, a can or a box. Then, using a simple chisel cut through a small gap in the shape of a sickle. It should be located slightly below the neck. This slot will serve as a blower.
Then in the bottom of the can or jar cut out the hole. In her then you insert the curved pipe and Push chimney on it. All this can be bought in specialty stores or make your own hands of roofing iron.

How do burzhujku


Now you have to make serpentinegrate. For its production will fit a steel wire with a diameter of 6 mm. Her need to bend a little squeezed on the sides, and then push into the stoves through its neck. Then drag the wire to a size at which the best will burn firewood. No exact sizes, they must be chosen by trial and error.
You can equip two homemade burzhujku-rings on the sides of the supports. They can be made of half-inch steel pipe. Pipes need to be bent, picked up by the diameter of the jars or cans. More needs to be done feet-support. To do this, weld the pipe to the bottom of the base and flatten them to the desired position. You can lock burzhujku for greater stability. To do this, fit a steel strip, strut thickness of 1.5-2 cm.

How do burzhujku

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