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How to make the basement

Basement of reinforced concrete - an excellent choice for any home

How to make a basement? Usually it happens like this: pit dug, built and overlap the wall, and then concreted floor.

Although experience shows that this simple technology is unsustainable. This cellar is very susceptible to non-uniform shrinkage, it does not help even the depth of its inception.

Wet soil makes the problem worse.

So what you need to use technology to the basement it was convenient and reliable?



It is much more economical and easier to make the basement, ifput in front of this monolithic slab of reinforced concrete at the bottom of the pit. It is already possible to erect a wall of blocks or using formwork. The very foundation slab to protect the waterproofing layer or layers consisting of a polyethylene film and bituminous materials. This will protect the basement from the ingress of groundwater.


If the soil moist under the house, the walls on the outsidethe parties should be carefully spread hot bitumen at least twice (preferably more), then stick several layers of roofing felt or better waterproofing or gidrostekloizola. Then you need to sprinkle a layer of dry sand walls.


The hot bitumen should be applied only if thewhen the weather is dry and clear. If going to rain? Collapses. It is noteworthy that even the best quality waterproofing basement walls will not relieve the owner from moisture by 100%. After stitching the water will still leak.


To eliminate the leak, you can use the new and effective material? Hydrotex, which eliminates any leak, dry wall, inhibits the fungus.


Monolithic (on a monolithic slab) in the basementinhomogeneous and soft ground are doing their job perfectly. They are easily insulated foam inside. To do this, glue the foam to the wall and the plaster on the grid. Compared to the traditional cellars, monolithic help significantly reduce material consumption.


The basement should lay at a depth of 1.3-1.5 m,taking into account the location of the floor at a height of 0.9-1.05 m above the ground mark. The height of the cap in this case is equal to 60-70 cm, and the thickness of the walls of the basement? 30 cm or more. If the socket, for example, has a height of 45-60 cm, and the basement walls have a thickness of 40 cm, the basement should lay at a depth of 1.6-1.75 m.


During the construction of the basement (as duringthe construction of a house) plays an important role the observance of cyclical works. Work on the construction of the basement and the device need to finish completely during the construction season.

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