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How to make a jar to store details

How to make a jar to store details

Have you ever thought about the fact that using the rack a little irrational?

It often happens that it is completely made to, but the space between the shelves a lot more.

To this place was not empty, and benefited,you need to make small jars for storing small things, in which, for example, the handyman will be able to store nails and screws, as needlewoman - buttons, needles and so on.

You will need

  • - Transparent plastic jar with screw cap - 1 piece-
  • - Metal caps from bottles - 3 piece-
  • - Screws 2 cm - 3 piece-
  • - screwdriver-
  • - gvozdi-
  • - a hammer.



Take a hammer and a nail hammer them into the center of the metal lids. Thus, each such cover is formed an opening through which will pass further screws.


Remove the shelf rack on which you want toattach a bank for storing small things. Next, make a mark on it fixing this crafts. On the underside of the shelf, place a plastic cap banks, where there are markings. Then she set the metal lid and tighten the screws through them with a screwdriver.


If you decide to do a few of thesedesigns, then perform the same steps as with the first, then set the shelf into place. You're put in a transparent jar that for which they were intended, and tighten them. Tins details ready! Now rack used rationally. Incidentally, the transparent jars can even decorate, for example, paint stained glass paints.

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