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How do automatic ventilation of greenhouses

How to make automatic ventilation of greenhouses

For many gardeners to maintain optimaltemperature in the greenhouse is simply impossible if you do not live in the summer in the country permanently. The dream of millions of gardeners - greenhouse machine, which is driven by natural energy, as other reliable sources, there is simply no.

This machine will perform flawlessly for you entrusted him the job, and will provide the sustainable harvest.

Its main advantage - an independent (after adjustment) work without any human intervention, in the absence of electricity.

You will need

  • -metal four-liter containers out of motor oil
  • -bung
  • -trubki overflow liquid
  • -rubber hose
  • -liter jar of juice or beer



Neck four-liter metal containers(Out of motor oil) sealed stopper (dense foam, rubber, cork). We produce tubes (aluminum, copper or PVC) to the overflow liquid. Their length is calculated so that the outside was worn thin and flexible rubber hose, and inside the tank, it does not touch the bottom. Tubes, if desired, can be soldered to the lids of container or threaded pipe and secure each with two nuts, then the tube in small containers should be shorter, but it should always be in the liquid. In a sealed container insert tube and fill it up to 40% liquid tight-fitting neck and firmly fixed on the top rung of the greenhouse.

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In liter tin can also insert a tubeand cover the drilled hole with a diameter of 2-4 mm to stabilize the pressure. Pour the liquid through a tube 1 cm above the tip of the tube, fastened pulley which connects by means of a twine jar and transom. Both banks connect via a rubber hose into a single system. The setting device hold empirically at the temperature when the ventilator should be closed. It is important to balance the force which opens the window with the weight of the small-capacity and heavy panes increase the weight load of the jar. To ventilator closed, its lower bar is heavier than the upper or shifting the center of rotation up to 3-5 cm from the center.

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