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HOW do aroma stones with their hands

How to make aromatherapy stones with their hands

You agree that when the house is filled with a pleasant aroma, it's just great. air fresheners, of course, provide the desired effect, but it does not last as long as desired.

So I suggest you make your own hands aroma stones.

You will need

  • - Finely ground salt - 0.5 stakana-
  • - Flour - 0.5 stakana-
  • - Warm water - 1/4 stakana-
  • - Vegetable oil - 1 tsp lozhka-
  • - Essential oils - 5-20 droplets
  • - formochki-
  • - food coloring.



The large cup is necessary to pour the flour and salt andAll mix thoroughly. Take another bowl. It is necessary to mix ingredients such as oil, warm water and food coloring. Now the liquid mixture to be added an essential oil such as pine or orange and all mix well.


The resulting liquid mixture should be poured into the cupflour and salt and mix everything thoroughly. First, you can knead the mass with a spoon, then his hands. The result should be something like a test.


From the resulting mass of color, tear off a small piece and make it a stone, like a pebble.


Decorate with these stones, you can useall kinds of molds, but note that it should be done before they dry. By the way, does not necessarily make it the stones in the form of shingles, you can make them in the form of hearts or stars.


Allow to dry hack. Aroma stones ready!

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