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How to make a smoothing edges in photoshop

In Photoshop the pictures can be not only beautifulprocess, to draw their unusual effects and make color correction, but also to create a variety of frames, processing and forming the edge of the picture frame with accurate and beautiful edges.

A good option can be called design photos rounded edges, and create this effect in Photoshop is easy.

With the establishment of such a framework in minutes to handle even the novice user of Adobe Photoshop.



Create a new document and fill it with black using the Fill tool (fill). Open the channels palette (Channels) and create a new channel. Name the channel by any name - for example, Square.


Click on the Rectangular toolbarMarquee Tool, hold down the Shift key and draw a square of 90% of your black paper. Fill the box with the tool fill with white, and then, while maintaining an active selection middle part of the document, click the Filter menu and apply the selection Gaussian Blur filter with a radius of 25.


Open the menu Image - & gt- Adjustment - & gt- Levelsand adjust levels, combining both the slider to the left, setting the value of Input levels at 0, 1.00, 255. Thus, you get a neat white shape with rounded edges, black circled frame.


Complete the frame - holdDown Ctrl and click on the Square Channel in the Channels palette you created (Channels). After that, selecting the channel, go to the Layers palette (Layers) and create a new layer (Create New Layer).


Fill the selection with any color preserved - atYou now have a blank for images with beautiful rounded edges. You can put in a frame any photo. Similarly, you can create a narrower and a broader frame, varying the size and shape depending on the picture type and its size.

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