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How to make edges smooth in photoshop


How to make edges smooth in photoshop</a>

In Photoshop you can not only beautifullyProcess, decorate them with unusual effects and make color correction, but also create different frames, framing the edge of the photo and forming a frame with neat and beautiful edges.

A successful version of the photo can be called rounded edges, and it's very easy to create such an effect in Photoshop.

With the creation of such a framework in a few minutes even a novice user of Adobe Photoshop will cope.



Create a new document and fill it with black using the Fill tool. Open the Channels palette and create a new channel. Name the channel by any name - for example, Square.


Select Rectangular from the toolbarMarquee Tool, hold down Shift and draw a square on 90% of the area of ​​your black document. Fill the square with the white fill tool, and then, keeping the middle part of the document active, open the filter menu and apply Gaussian Blur with a radius of 25 to the selection.


Open the menu Image - & gt- Adjustment - & gt- LevelsAnd adjust the levels by connecting both sliders to the left, setting the Input levels to 0, 1.00, 255. Thus, you will get a neat white shape with rounded edges, surrounded by a black frame.


Complete the creation of the frame - hold down the keyCtrl-click and click on the Square channel you created in the Channels palette. After that, selecting this channel, go to the Layers palette and create a new layer (Create New Layer).


Fill in any color with the existing selection -You got a blank for an image with beautiful rounded edges. You can put any photo in this frame. In the same way, you can create a narrower and wider frame, varying its size and shape, depending on the type of photo and its size.

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