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How to make an animation to your website

How to make an animation to your website

If you like the animated elements onWeb sites and you want to do animation on your site, but do not want to suffer with Flash, there is a simple and effective solution - an animated GIF. To create animated GIF-files do not require programming skills or the presence of the installation of special plug-ins.

GIF-animation is a simple set of slides (images) which follow each other at regular intervals.

Playing these pictures at intervals of a few milliseconds creates a motion effect similar to when we drew as a child on each page of the notebook, and then quickly swipe through them.

You will need

  • Computer editing software Adobe Photoshop version 5 and higher, the editor Adobe Image Ready



Open Photoshop and create a new imagesize of 100 × 100 pixels. Set the resolution to 72 pixels and RGB mode. Select Show Layers option from the Window menu, which will include a display of the Layers palette.


From the Tools panel, select the pencildraw any image. In the Layers palette, click the Duplicate Layer, which will create a copy of an existing layer. Use the tool "eraser" to erase any part of the image, and then add the pencil changes. Create as many layers as you want, in the order in which they are to replace each other. Each layer is a separate frame of your animation.


It is time to animate the received frames. On the File menu, select the Jump to, and then Adobe Image Ready. This action will take you to another editing.


In the Window menu, select Show Animation,which will include a display of the animation palette. The palette options menu (the arrow icon in the upper right corner), select the Make Frames from Layers, which transforms all layers into frames. Animation is almost ready.


It's time to start time interval setting. Highlight the desired frame, and in the drop-down menu (left, bottom), select the desired period of time through which the frame is replaced by another. Do this with each frame of your animation. When everything is ready, use the Save Optimized As option to save your first animated GIF. Now you can use it as a decorative element or banner on your site.

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