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How do animals from leaves

How do animals from leaves

Your child is asked to make extraordinary crafts from autumn leaves?

Make a zoo with glue and colored paper.

Your hack will be a real discovery for teachers.

You will need

  • - leaves-
  • - Thread tsvetnaya-
  • - Black and white pen.



Fashioned fox is very simple. Select the sheet that is shaped like a snout Lisin. Draw eyes, mouth and whiskers Using colored markers. Your fox is ready!


To make sleeping owl, you can borrowGouache paint or use colored markers. draw a black beak in the middle of the sheet, and a little higher - eyes closed. With white fur create.


Try and make the owl using whitefilaments. With a black marker, and a compass, draw eyes and beak. Eyes - three different shapes of the circle. Now Thread the white thread the needle. Select the inner circle and the middle, with a needle and thread to sew the white lines to these two circles.

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