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How do the angels of the paper

How do the angels of the paper

Angel - from the Greek messenger, the messenger. In the Orthodox tradition depicted as a fair-haired young man with wings on his back.

At the same time, the Catholics have given this image similarity with Cupid - winged boy god of love and son of Venus.

Having made the angel made of paper, you will be able to determine what traditions it is closer.

You will need

  • Napkin or thin white bumaga-
  • Thick red bumaga-
  • Wool yarn yellow colors-
  • Pink bumaga-
  • Clip-
  • Scotch-
  • Vata-
  • Glue "liquid glass" -
  • Glue stick.



Fold the white tissue paper in half and cutfirst to a square, and then to a circle. Cut the circle: half of the items - the future of the body, two quarter circles (inner corners cut through the middle of the range) - wings, carved details - the sleeves.


Turn the trunk to his wrong side. Cut the center, it will be a notch below the throat. Glue adhesive surface-pencil. Attach a piece of matching the size of the red paper. When the glue dries, roll the body in a truncated cone and glue the edges with tape.


Draw on pink paper hands, cut out and glue them to the edges of the wide sleeves. Narrow edge glue to the seam from the back to the chest.


Roll a ball of wool. Wrap a piece of his flesh-colored fabric kapron (from stocking or tights), tie a knot in the fabric. Draw the face: nose, mouth and eyes. You can also arrange this applique.


Glue to the head hair of yellow wool.


Attach the head to the neckline at the throat in a truncated cone. To do this, use the duct tape. Glue the wings. Angel of napkins ready.

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