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How do alpine hill in the apartment

How do alpine hill in the apartment

Alpine hill - a beautiful creation that is able to decorate not only the infield, but also a city apartment.

If properly work on its development, it becomes a very original interior decoration.

If you want the interior of your apartmentwas the original and on what not similar, try to arrange the house alpine hill. This is quite feasible, and even a small area of ​​the apartment will not be an obstacle. The main difference from the garden arranged compositions is that the system must be receding in another way to think. In a literal sense, alpine slide, arranged in an apartment is decorated stand for flowers.

Where to begin equipping slides

Just like in the garden, startcreating slides should be with what is determined by the place for it on paper and designed its future appearance. If housing dimensions allow positioning the hill as you like, it is necessary to choose a place with good lighting, but the plants should not be there too hot or dry. Flowers in a hill can be planted all sorts, we just have to make sure that the conditions of the selected place did not go to the detriment of the plants.
Best of all creation in the apartment of an alpine slidecombined with making repairs. But if it is not expected in the near future, it is possible to carry out all the work with minimum mess. All should be well organized. To begin preparing the tools for the job and future components of the composition. It can be:
- The capacity for colors, vodoema-
- Stones - elements of landscape design-
- Colored pebbles, decorative pebbles - to decorate pochvy-
- A piece of polyethylene - it is placed on the floor at the base of a roller coaster in an insulating material-
- Foam, glue, foam.

Depending on the imagination can be used and other elements.

Creating an alpine slide

On the floor is spread a piece of polyethylene, which are laid out stones to build the base of the circuit. They should try to place most naturally.
In the middle of the circuit, in the place where scheduledthe creation of the next tier, a brick, trays, molds for flower pots. If you plan to create an artificial body of water, the most logical to get him on the ground level of the structure. The resulting gaps, free sites are shifted and blew foam with foam.
Creating an alpine slide, you will needto maintain a certain period of time - should be used to dry out building materials. Then remove all forms of holes for pots, and, where necessary, cut the foam. Containers for flowers fill drainage, nutrient substrate. This pochvosmesi can also decorate the mounting foam.

Each of the subsequent tier structure is arranged on the lower principle.

When the structure is fully ready, it's time to finallyplanted plants. After that, the rock garden is decorated as you please - you can use the beautiful stones and shells, clay vessels, and brought from the forest branches and driftwood unusual shape.

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