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HOW dissolve smektu

How to dissolve smektu

Smecta has pronounced absorbent and protective properties, so it is prescribed for a variety of disorders of the intestines, pain in the stomach, duodenum, diarrhea.

However, before applying the medication to dissolve in water.



Always before using any medicineconsult your doctor. Only he can appoint a course of treatment one way or another drug. If your doctor wrote you a standard dosage of Smecta, what breed it is necessary in the following manner: dissolve the contents of one sachet in half a glass of warm boiled water. Be sure to mix well. Take the drug between meals. On the day you need to use three sachets. The course of treatment lasts from 3 to 7 days before the disappearance of symptoms. If the condition does not improve - see your doctor again.

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Children can eat with Smecta birth,this drug is made up of natural elements. But consultation with a pediatrician is required. Usually Smecta prescribed to children up to a year at a dose of 1 sachet per day. You can divide the powder into several stages, and can be given at a time. For example, when rotavirus Smecta will effectively give every 20-25 minutes on a teaspoon. And if you have diarrhea - give once a bag. Children do not have to give the medicine, dissolved in water. You can mix with Smecta milk mixture and add to baby food. The main thing is that the baby ingested the drug, rather than spit it.

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Children from one to two years is prescribed in smectite1 sachet dose 2 times a day. If you add the powder in the baby food, make sure that no lumps are formed. Get enough sleep medicine gradually and mix well. Children older than two years, smectite is recommended to take 2-3 sachets per day for 3-7 days until complete recovery. Be sure to consult a pediatrician if symptoms last longer this time.

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