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How to dissolve Smecta


How to dissolve Smecta</a>

Smecta has pronounced adsorbing and enveloping properties, so it is prescribed for various disorders of the intestines, pain in the stomach, duodenum, diarrhea.

However, the drug must be dissolved in water before use.



Before using any medicineConsult your doctor. Only he can prescribe a course of treatment with one or another drug. If your doctor prescribed a standard dosage for Smekty, then dilute it in the following way: the contents of a single bag dissolve in half a glass of warm boiled water. Be sure to mix well. Take the drug between meals. In day it is necessary to use three sachets. The course of treatment lasts from 3 to 7 days before the disappearance of the symptoms of the disease. If the condition does not improve, consult a physician again.

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Children can use Smectus from birth, soHow this drug consists of natural elements. But consultation with a pediatrician is mandatory. Usually Smectu is prescribed to children up to a year in a dosage of 1 packet per day. You can divide the powder into several receptacles, but you can give at one time. For example, with a rotavirus infection Smect would be more effective every 20-25 minutes in a teaspoonful. And with diarrhea - give at once a whole bag. Children do not have to give a medicine dissolved in water. You can mix Smecta with a milky mixture or add it to baby food. The main thing is that the baby swallow the drug, and not spit it out.

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For children from one year to two years, Smektu is appointed inDosage 1 packet 2 times a day. If you add powder to the baby's food, make sure that no lumps are formed. Pour out the medicine gradually and mix well. Children over two years of age Smectoo is recommended to take 2-3 packs per day, for 3-7 days until complete recovery. Be sure to consult a pediatrician if symptoms persist longer than this time.

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