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How to disperse the melancholy

Depression? disease is the most popular today. She suffered such talented people like Beethoven, Van Gogh, Hugo.

Thanks spleen created masterpieces of world classics and painting.

But you will agree, pleasant it is still not enough.



First of all, get up off the couch, turn offTV and go for a walk. No matter what the weather. Do not sit at home, drive, ride a bicycle or go in for sports. Have you ever seen an athlete sad? It is enough to pay a couple of aerobics for 30 minutes once a week, and longing evaporate forever.


Review your diet. Sometimes the cause of a breakdown and depression may be banal lack of carbohydrates. Therefore, if you are dieting and can not afford to sweetness, turn in your menu more whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits.


If you are a fan of coffee, keep in mind that caffeine reduces the hormone responsible for your mood? serotonin. The same can be said about Coke.


Keep a journal. Scientists have found that by writing their thoughts down on paper, the person thereby improves psychological state.


And the main thing? You do not need to strive for excellence. Often the cause of failure of the spleen are at work, sharply criticized the authorities or problems in the family. Tell yourself: "I will try and I will succeed," and with that mindset, continue to move forward.

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