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HOW disinfect shoes

Shoes, in contact with the fungus, should be thoroughly disinfected

Treatment of fungal infections - a complex event, in which each step is important.

During and after treatment is necessarydisinfect all surfaces on which fungus spores may remain, but especially - the things that come in contact directly with the fungus over time.

For example, the patient's shoes.

You will need

  • - 25% solution formalina-
  • - 40% solution of acetic acid-
  • - Wool or a piece of s / w tissue-
  • - plastic bag-
  • - Ammonia.



Prior to treatment, thoroughly dry footwear. Remove the insole of the shoes, remove all cords, undo all the buckles.


Moisten the swab in acetic acid or formalin solution. Carefully treat impregnated pad insole, and the very footwear, Paying special attention to joints and seams.


The shoe socks attach two pieces of cotton wool soaked in formalin or vinegar, pack footwear and insoles in a plastic bag. Pack tightly tie and leave for 24 hours.


A day untie the package, remove the footwear. Ventilate her to remove the smell of formalin or vinegar. It is also possible for this purpose to treat footwear ammonia.

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