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How to disinfect shoes

Shoes that come in contact with the fungus must be thoroughly disinfected</a>

Treatment of fungal infection is a complex event in which every stage is important.

During and after the treatment is necessaryDisinfect all surfaces on which the fungus could remain, but especially the things that the fungus has touched directly for a long time.

For example, a patient's shoes.

You will need

  • - 25% solution of formalin-
  • - 40% solution of acetic acid-
  • - cotton wool or a piece of cotton fabric-
  • - plastic bag-
  • - Ammonium alcohol.



Before drying, thoroughly dry footwear. Remove the insole from the shoes, remove all the laces, and unfasten all the fasteners.


Moisten the tampon in acetic acid or a solution of formalin. Carefully handle the impregnated insole and insoles footwear, Paying special attention to joints and seams.


In the socks of shoes, put two pieces of cotton wool soaked in formalin or vinegar, pack footwear And the insole in a plastic bag. Pack the bag tightly and leave for 24 hours.


In a day, untie the package, remove footwear. Air it in order to remove the smell of formalin or vinegar. You can also process for this purpose footwear With ammonia.

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