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How to discharge the battery


How to discharge the battery</a>

In the practice of car owners sometimes ariseParadoxical situations, when a battery that has worked for a relatively short period of time, for unknown reasons, can hardly cope with the duties assigned to it, connected with starting the engine.

You will need

  • - 21 watt bulb



In addition to all the problems, it turns out thatThe electrical equipment is in good condition and functions normally. The charging relay switches off and connects the battery to the on-board network in time. The generator works without any complaints. But the battery stubbornly does not want to become infected.


At stations of a car-care center at occurrence of a similar situation at masters it is possible to receive one and only advice: to replace an old accumulator new, and not to be excruciated.


But such a statement is rather controversial. Before you damage your budget, you must try to get the battery to take charge.


One way to restoreThe functionality of the battery, strange as it may sound, is to completely discharge the battery. Do not follow after reading the text immediately grab scrap and arrange the battery short circuit on the terminals.


The discharge of the battery is performed inConditions, as close as possible to operational ones. In other words, a car bulb with a power of 21 watts is connected to the battery, and under the conditions of this load, the battery is discharged until the voltmeter shows the voltage at its terminals of 10.5 volts. After reaching the specified battery discharge level from the battery, you must turn off the light bulb. And then connect it to the charger.


As a rule, after one, maximum - two complete cycles of discharge / battery charge, its properties are restored, and it can still last for quite a long time, at least a year.

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