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HOW diluted varnish

How thin the lacquer

Nail polish gradually thickened and begins to bad lie on the nail plate.

Sometimes he simply refuses to dry out, so when it is necessary and it must be washed. People with a lot of varnish, notice that they quickly come to a state of disrepair.

But it can be done in just a few minutes.



Do not use solvent ornail polish remover. Buy any cosmetic shop special liquid, its composition is as close to lacquer-based and does not spoil your coat polish. Acetone and other fluids can degrade the color of sequins dissolve and generally messing up your favorite nail polish, as well as adversely affect the health of your nails.


Look how much paint is dry. If much, add a little more than a means to dilute, if slightly, the Put 1-2 drops directly into the bottle and tighten the cap.


Carefully shake butylek and leave it for 5minutes to the small lumps of lacquer separated. Then again, shake vigorously, and you can start coloring nails. If you notice that the paint has become too liquid - not terrible, open the lid and let it erode slightly, the liquid evaporates and can be easily coated on the surface of the nail.

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