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How to dilute the ink

Of course, it is always better to use a new ink, if the old dried up.

But there are several ways to help you in an emergency make-up without spending extra time and money.



To dried ink can be applied to the eyelashes, it must be diluted to a mushy state. This can be done by means that are always at your fingertips.


Take any drops that reduce rednessand relieve eye fatigue. Open the tube and gently drip agent there. Do this for as long as the brush, dipped in a tube, does not become wet. It means that ink sufficiently softened and can be applied to the lashes.


Instead, the eye drops can be used tool for removing eye make-up or face. Do not use for oily skin, because it is more dry your ink.

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If you have a tonic for face and neck skin, dilute ink them. Just carefully read the label first. Tonic not contain alcohol: firstly, because it will make your eyelashes ethanol dry and brittle, and secondly, ink dries instantly and it will have to raise again and again. For the same reason it is not recommended to add into the paint vodka or cognac.


Another way - put the tube in a beaker of warm, almost hot water. Under the influence of temperature ink regain lost softness.


All these methods can be used in extreme cases. It is better to replace ink a new one. The more that doctors - cosmetologists and dermatologists do not recommend stretching a tube of mascara for longer than 2 months. The fact that after prolonged use the paint harmful bacteria are formed which can cause various conjunctivitis and allergic reactions. It is better to change your ink every 2 - 2.5 months. Especially now that we are constantly emerging trends and perhaps with their help, you will discover new facets of eye makeup.

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