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HOW diluted antifreeze

How to dilute antifreeze

The modern world chemical industryIt began producing cooling systems of automobile engines, in accordance with the requirements of the global environmental safety, non-toxic coolant (antifreeze), which, in most cases, come to the realization in concentrated form.

You will need

  • - distilled water.



Moving concentrates both the inner as well asand on the international route lines, different modes of transport is fully justified from an economic point of view. Because with the fact that the completion of non-freezing concentrates to a desired density (dilution antifreeze) is carried out exclusively with distilled water, which is produced locally in sufficient to meet the needs of motorists amount.


As a rule, antifreeze comes to market inconcentrated form, the crystallization temperature is 65 degrees Celsius or below. But these frosts observed here in Russia, but in the Arctic, and even then not everywhere. As for the moderate latitudes of our Fatherland, that in these areas winter temperatures rarely drop below minus 30 degrees.


Therefore, after the acquisition of concentratecoolant, its volume is diluted with distilled water, bearing in mind that the addition of one-third the amount of water to the existing volume of antifreeze A-65 will enhance its crystallization temperature to -30 degrees. A dilution of the concentrate with distilled water in equal proportions, will allow it to not freeze in the cooling temperature is not lower than 20 degrees, which is important for the southern regions of our country.

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