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How to dilute the gasoline

If you are a car enthusiast, you probably know that any situation can happen on the road. Gasoline water to dilute it prohibited.

But sometimes you have to do something, if the fuel tank is nearly empty, and the nearest gas station, you can not hold on.

You will need

  • pure water



Firstly, the course must be sufficiently level. Also in this situation, you need to warm season and not too flat and a gasoline tank.


Secondly, the following scenario is suitableonly for cars, which does not provide the fuel injection system and an electric fuel pump in the tank. And of course, you must know the location of the drain plug in the gas tank of your car.


So your car is stalled, becausegas tank ran out of gas. In fact, say that is not entirely accurate. The machine is incapable of driving further because currently in suction intake fuel system can not reach the level of fuel in the tank. While the petrol there is still more there.


If all the above conditions to the gas stations there are not a very large distance, then it will be enough just gently add a little clean water tank.


You can remember a little physics. Almost everyone who has studied it, it is known that water in its physical weight is heavier than gasoline. If you pour it into the tank, where there are still remnants of fuel, it will simply displace gasoline upstairs. In this case, the suction intake of the fuel system will be able to reach the level of gasoline, and fuel will be used for its intended purpose.


If you did everything as described above, for sufficiently smooth road and drive slowly you can still get to your destination.

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