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HOW dilute mascara

As dilute mascara

The dried mascara can be saved by adding a few drops of water saving.

For dilution used various means depending on the state of mascara and eye health.

If none of them does not work, it is not dried up then, and has managed to finish.

Some carcasses are no longer necessary to paint in the least after two times of use, it all depends on the size and composition of cosmetics.



Add a few drops of boiled water. But you can do if you do not have eye problems and allergic reactions. Water can trigger the development of pathogenic flora, which causes irritation of the mucous membrane.


If you are using contact lenses, and you have a liquid storage - use it. It will not affect the composition of the ink, and will also prevent the development of microbes.


Eye drops are suitable for people with sensitiveeyes. Use as their diluent. If you drip into your eyes, it is the same drop, and add in cosmetics. When the contact of two different substances unexpected reaction can occur, because the particles fall on the mucous carcasses.


Look, what substance is a part ofcosmetics. If you see a part of the wax, just hold a sealed tube in a container of hot water for several minutes. Then shake thoroughly. Ink will be like new and well-painted lashes, making them long and bulky.


If your ink not only dried up, but got badsmell, add to it a little bit of alcohol. Shake and leave the tube open for a few hours. Add a little more liquid, but not alcohol, and shake thoroughly. This method will help to "revive" even the oldest and dry ink.

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