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How to dilute mascara


How to dilute mascara</a>

The dried mascara can be saved by adding a few drops of saving moisture.

For dilution, various means are used depending on the condition of the carcass and the health of the eyes.

If none of them help, it means it has not dried out, but has already ended.

Some carcasses cease to paint in the right measure after two times of use, it all depends on the amount and composition of cosmetics.



Add a few drops of boiled water. But this can be done if you have no problems with the eyes and allergic reactions. Water can provoke the development of pathogenic flora, which causes irritation of the mucous membrane.


If you use contact lenses, and you have the fluid to store them - use it. It will not affect the composition of the carcass, and will also prevent the development of microbes.


Eye drops are suitable for people with sensitiveEyes. Use them as a diluent. If you drip into the eyes, then these same drops and add to cosmetics. When two different substances come into contact, an unexpected reaction may occur, because the particles of the carcass fall on the mucous membrane.


Look at what substance is included in theCosmetics. If you saw a paraffin in the composition, just hold a tightly closed tube in a container of hot water for a few minutes. Then shake thoroughly. Mascara will be as new and it will also be good to dye the cilia, making them long and bulky.


If your Mascara Not only dried up, but also acquired an unpleasantSmell, add a little alcohol to it. Shake and leave the tube open for several hours. Add some more liquid, but not alcohol, and shake thoroughly. This method will help "reanimate" even the oldest and the driest Mascara.

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