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How did Wikipedia

How did Wikipedia

Wikipedia - one of the most popular modern information portals, translated into many languages ​​and dubbed in several domain zones.

However, initially it was not an independent project, as part of a larger resource.

The story of Wikipedia

In March 2000, it was based online projectNupedia, which later received widespread in America, but almost unknown in Russia. The essence of this project was the fact that he was allowed to read the free encyclopedia articles written by experts. Nupedia owned company Bomis Inc., and its development involved Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. A year after the opening of this resource, Larry offered a special concept of "wiki": it was to allow readers to edit and add paper.

According to the idea of ​​Sanger, giving the public the right to edit the texts, it was possible to achieve rapid growth of both the Encyclopedia and its popularity.

Initially Wikipedia was opened forpreliminary design of texts, which were later scheduled to publish on Nupedia. In short, this was an experimental site, a kind of "workshop" where the articles were created. In January 2001 there was the official English-language Wikipedia site, and news of this was immediately sent to all subscribers Nupedia. In both resources rules, emphasis was placed on the neutral point of view and objectivity of each article - a policy resource was basically very similar.

How has Wikipedia

Initially, developers for the development of WikipediaWe used the announcements, "luring" people are Nupedia into a new project and publishing interesting news in the official newsletter of its main encyclopedic site. Also, a lot of attention was paid to the promotion of the resource in the search network.

Careful work on the development of Wikipedia has led to the fact that just one year it has added more than 20 thousand. Articles and by the end of 2004, the number reached 161 language editions.

In 2003, Nupedia, formerly usedWikipedia as an additional resource, ceased to exist. All articles that have been published on it, moved to the site Wikipedia. By 2007, the English-language version of the site broke the mark of 2 million encyclopedia articles, beating the record of Yongle, held from 1407, ie 600 years.
Wikipedia - "live" project that is constantlyamended and finalized. Appear regularly and adjusted rules regarding publication and editing of articles, as well as sources of information search. In the list of the most sustainable resource rules can mention the absence of commercial advertising, anglotsentrizma and subjective points of view, of distorting the facts.

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