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How did the legend

How did the legend

Long before the appearance of writing in ancient peoples there were stories in which it was told about the origin of the world, the gods and the heroes who do extraordinary feats in the name of justice and goodness.

These legends are reflected first and only primitive representation of the people of the world, it seemed incomprehensible, mysterious and full of wonders.



Legends are one of the typesfabulous prose. Most likely, the first such folk legend appeared long before the first written word, and passed down from generation to generation in the form of oral traditions. Later stories about magical transformations, and the exploits of the heroes began to be recorded on paper, at the same time acquiring new incredible detail.


In the center of the traditional legends is usuallylegend about a historical person or event that took place in reality. The material chosen for the creation of legends, of course, not ordinary events and biographies of ordinary people. Legends often describe fanned glory deeds and actions of those who actually immortalized his name in history. Over time, the legend often received additional social, religious or moral sense.


Researchers believe folklore that the events andpersonality as reflected in the legends, in many cases, were not entirely fictional. Creating a legend began with the usual stories about what happened in reality.


Going by word of mouth, the story snowballedincredible and fantastic details, exaggeration and fiction. An example is the famous legend of King Arthur, who proved his noble origin and the right to the throne, pulling stuck in the stone magic sword, with which no one before him could not cope.


Originating in prehistoric times, the legend oflargely intertwined with myths and religious beliefs of the people. The legendary events are often involved deities and mysterious beings with supernatural powers. Some legends became so popular that often went to the music, it gave oral history charm.


The images reflected the aspirations of the legendary heroespeople, their ideas about war, strife, justice and heavenly love. Passed century, the true details of the events that formed the basis of a legend, gradually erased, but the moral force of acts of heroes and the greatness of their deeds will not change. And today, the legends of the exploits of knights and folk heroes inspire writers and directors to create epic works, telling us about the distant and heroic past of mankind.

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