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How to reflect implementation in accounting


How to reflect implementation in accounting</a>

The sale of goods by the enterprise must be reflected in its accounting.

To do this, the synthetic account 90 "Sales" is used, on the credit of which the cost of the sold products is reflected, and on the debit - the cost price.



Reflect revenue from sales onDebit account 50 credit subaccount 90.1 ("Cash" and "Revenue"). In case of receiving payment for the goods on the settlement account, use account 51. As a result, the amount will accumulate on sub-account 90.1 within a month. At the end of the period, calculate the total revenue and compare it with the sales book data.


Add VAT for the amount of revenue forMonth, received in the sale of goods. This transaction should be reflected on the debit of subaccount 90.3 and credit account 68 ("VAT" and "VAT settlements"). Calculate the amount of costs for the sale of goods, accumulated on account 44, and then write to debit sub account 90.2. Also, write down on the sub-account "Cost of sales" the amount for the goods sold, accumulated on the corresponding account 41 "Goods" and the amount of the trade mark-up that is reflected in the account 42.


Reflect revenue in the accounting department as soon asGet it from the collectors. To do this, reflect it on the debit of account 57 "Transfers in transit", indicating as correspondence the subaccount 90.1 "Revenue". Next, determine the profit from sales by subtracting all expenses from subaccounts of account 90 from subaccount 90.1. If you receive a positive financial result, reflect it on the debit of the subaccount 90.5 in correspondence with the account 99, thus accounting for profits. If the result is negative, take it to the credit by sub-account 90.5, reflecting the losses of the enterprise.


Remember that each operation for the sale of goodsMust be accompanied by the issuance of a cash-in-receipt or check. Also, in some cases, you can use the order-selection sheet (form TORG-8) or letter-demand. Set an invoice to receive payment for goods. Documents must necessarily be certified by the round seal of the trading company and the signature of the person responsible for the sale.

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