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How did the February Revolution

As the February Revolution

February Revolution, no doubt influenced the way of Russia.

How many would not have talked about its usefulness historians, this event deserves attention and interest, if only because it has its own, albeit small, but interesting history of its own.


Revolution of 1905-1907. practically decided the problems posed in front of her. Also acute was the question of the overthrow of the autocracy, the introduction of democratic provisions permit the peasantry and working problems. In addition, in 1917 the people felt exhausted by the protracted war. Increasingly, there were slogans "Down with the war!" Provision of food left much to be desired.
As a result, it held a series of strikes. First rebellion swept Putilov factory. It was February 18, 1917. The workers demanded higher wages, because money categorically not enough even for the most necessary things. As a result, the company's management dismissed employees and closed several plants. But this problem is not solved, but rather contributed to the widening of strikes. People coming to the meeting, it became more.

February 27

As a result of the strike the authorities orderedshoot the demonstrators, that was a big mistake. As a result, the government has lost support in the form of government of the armed forces. These troops refused to shoot protesters and eventually went over to their side. The culmination of the revolution occurred on 27 February when it became clear that the government has lost the support and assistance, can no longer resist the revolutionary action of the workers.
As a result, in the afternoon, members of the government ofMariinsky Palace sent a message to Emperor Nicholas II (the day before he left for GHQ). The telegram stated that the Council of Ministers is no longer able to hold back the coup. In the evening, around midnight, revolutionaries stormed the palace and arrested IG Shcheglovitov, who was at that time chairman of the State Council. The coup was carried out.

The fruits of the revolution

Revolution mainly contributedtermination of the Romanov dynasty. Nicholas II had no choice, except how to abdicate. Neither his son nor brother Michael did not dare to take power into their own hands. As a result, the successor is left, and as the authority was formed Provisional Government of the 12 people, who became chairman of the Lviv.
Thus, the monarchy was overthrown andthe executive and the legislature is now in charge of the interim government. This authority has published a declaration, which contained a number of provisions, to talk about the introduction of democratic freedoms.
But the problem is that, together with the InterimGovernment came to power, the Petrograd Soviet. This time is called the dual power. Instability and precarious situation contributed to the beginning of the October Revolution.

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