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How did the planet Earth

How did the planet Earth

About 4.54 billion of our planet was formed years ago.

Scientists can not be 100% accurate to describe the process of its formation, but the current accepted theory of its birth has numerous scientific confirmation.



The emergence of the planet itselfdue to the formation of the solar system. Billions of years ago, instead of our own planetary system in space was incredible size molecular cloud. At some point in his small portion was separated, and formed the solar nebula. Under the influence of gravitational forces Nebula beginning to shrink. After most of the substance builds up in the center, all the remaining matter is beginning to spin around faster and faster. The core of the nebula more compressed, resulting in his bowels began thermonuclear reaction - there was sun.


Revolving around a new star began to cloudappear local centers of attraction, and as a result of a process called accretion, that is falling on the larger celestial bodies are smaller, formed planetezemali - planetesimals. Planetesimals was much larger than the planets at the moment.


Planetesimals collided with each other andattracted the remains of substance of the gas-dust clouds. As a result, we formed all the known planets, including Earth and planetary satellites. Remains of substances that have not been put in a gravity field of the planet, have been removed by the solar wind, which came from the other newly formed stars.


Initially, the earth was red-hot, thanks to thisit can absorb all the new and the new substance from the environment and increase in size. Also, due to the fact that the substance was in a molten state, the denser metals have gone into the planet, the lighter silicates went out, that is formed and the core of the Earth's crust. Then there was the first atmosphere of hydrogen and helium. The initial process of planet formation has taken only a few tens of millions of years.


It took about another eight hundred million years, the earth cooled down and there were the first living organisms, which are fundamentally influenced the further development of the planet.

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