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How the Earth came into being


How the Earth came into being</a>

The Earth was formed about 4.5 billion years ago.

During its existence, it has gone through many stages of development, has turned from a red-hot ball into the only known planet, inhabited by living organisms.



The origin of the earth is directly related toFormation of the solar system. Of course, all theories about the origin of the Earth are only hypotheses that are constantly being revised on the basis of new data. At the moment, the main hypothesis is the formation of the planets of the solar system, including the Earth, from a gas-dust cloud revolving around the Sun.


Approximately 4.6 billion years ago, thanks toGravitational collapse from the part of a cloud of interstellar dust appeared the Sun, which became the center of a new planetary system. A disk was formed around the Sun from the substance of a gas-dust cloud. This disc rotated around the Sun at a great speed, the particles in it constantly interacted, repelled and connected, seals were created in the disk, so it gradually disintegrated into separate parts, the so-called planetesimals.


The largest planetesimals beganAttract other clots of matter and become denser under the influence of gravitational forces. The solar system had a different appearance from the current one, it included about 100 protoplanets, but the system was much smaller than it is now. Protoplanets collided, forming the planets known to us now, including the Earth, at the same time satellites of planets, for example the Moon, were formed.


Initially, the Earth had a very largeTemperature, that is, the substance on it was in a molten state and vigorously mixed, the denser metals descended to form a metallic core, the silicates rose upward to form a mantle. The metal core made it possible for the planet to have a magnetic field.


Gradually the planet cooled, decreasedVolcanic activity, a large amount of water accumulated in the atmosphere. Cooling the planet led to the formation of the earth's crust. Approximately 3.8 billion years ago, the first living organisms appeared on the Earth, the biosphere was formed, which radically influenced the further development of the planet.

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