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How did the speech come about?


How did the speech come about?</a>

Speech is rightfully considered one of the most important acquisitions of civilization. Without it, full communication and transfer of experience to subsequent generations is inconceivable.

Rudiments of speech arose at the dawn of human history, when the distant ancestors of modern man needed to coordinate their efforts in the struggle for survival.

Over time, speech has evolved into a system of language tools designed to store and transmit information.



Speaking is an important featureA man who distinguishes him from other representatives of the animal world. Means of communication in their development followed the development of the primitive man, which consistently passed through different stages of evolution.


Scientists find it difficult to accurately determine theThe moment when speech first arose. It is clear only that its emergence was caused by the needs of people's economic activities, for example, the need to coordinate their actions during the hunt. Researchers rightly suggest that speech was formed not in itself, but in the course of active interaction with the habitat.


There are various theories explainingThe origin of speech. Some experts believe that at a certain stage of development, a person went through a stage of a mutation that brought to life the first words. But such a concept, based on physiological factors, is not able to explain how concepts developed, and words acquired meaning.


A more plausible evolutionaryThe concept of speech development is based on the assumption that a person has learned to speak, adapting daily to harsh external conditions and interacting with other members of the community. Speech communication arose only when an objective need arose in it.


The first stage in the development of speech was the simplestsound signals. Depending on the situation, they could mean a need for help or food, and also indicated aggressive intentions. Sounds and their combinations for greater expressiveness were accompanied by gestures. The germs of such speech activity can be observed in modern anthropoid apes.


Society developed, relations betweenPeople. More difficult was their labor activity, which required not only visual-figurative, but also logical thinking. New phenomena brought to life the concepts corresponding to them, fixed in speech. Gradually speech became more complicated, words appeared that denoted abstract categories. But only after millennia speech reached its highest form, when the writing appeared, which made the transfer of experience more simple and effective.

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