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How did it

How did it

It is considered one of the most important acquisitions of civilization. Without it impossible to complete communication and knowledge transfer to future generations.

The rudiments of speech arose at the dawn of human history, when the forefathers of modern man needed to coordinate their efforts in the struggle for survival.

Over time it has become a system of linguistic means for storing and transmitting information.



Possession of speech is an important featureperson, distinguishing it from other members of the animal world. Means of communication in its development followed the development of primitive man, successively held various stages of evolution.


Scientists find it difficult to precisely determine thewhen it first appeared. What is clear is that it was caused by the emergence of the needs of business people, such as the need to coordinate their actions during the hunt. Researchers rightly assume that it was formed not by itself, but in the course of active interaction with the environment.


There are various theories to explainthe origin of speech. Some experts believe that at a certain stage of development of a person has gone through the stage of mutation, caused by the first words of this life. But such a concept, based on physiological factors can not explain how the concepts of and the words made sense.


At the heart of a plausible evolutionarythe concept of language development is the assumption that man has learned to say, every day adapting to the harsh environmental conditions, and interact with other members of the community. Speech dialogue arose only when this occurred is an objective need.


The first step in the development of speech become the most simplesound signals. Depending on the situation, they could mean the need for assistance or food, and testified about the aggressive intentions. Sounds and their combinations for greater expressiveness accompanied by gestures. The beginnings of such a voice activity can be observed in modern apes.


Society has evolved, become more complex relationship betweenpeople. More complicated is their labor activity, demanding not only the visual-figurative, but also logical thinking. New phenomena have given rise to the corresponding concepts, is fixed in the speech. Gradually it became more complicated, appeared the words designating abstract categories. But thousands of years later it reached its highest form, when there was a script, to send the experience easier and more efficient.

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