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How to cats


How to cats</a>

The saying "it's fast only cats will be born," is indeed just.

Pregnancy of a cat passes only 9 weeks, and after a couple of months a young mother can again be fertilized. By the way, on average, a cat aged 10-12 months is completely ready for conception.

If you produce the mating earlier, it can negatively affect the health of your pet.

The spine of the young cat is not strong enough, so an early pregnancy can make it invalid.



Before mating, you need to take the cat toVet and check it for the presence of various diseases. It is also worth making your pet all the necessary vaccinations: if vaccinated during pregnancy, it can affect the embryos and lead to various anomalies. Still need to undergo treatment for worms, since these parasites can get into the body of unborn kittens.

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Next, the cat should be placed in a special cage or house, where she will take the cat. These actions must be performed only during the heat season.

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To admit to the cat of the boyfriend it is better for several days (while the estrus lasts), but not more often than 5 times a day.

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