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How did cats

How did cats

Saying "fast cats only born", in fact, valid.

Pregnancy cat is just 9 weeks and after only a couple of months, the young mother can be fertilized again. By the way, the average cat aged 10-12 months are already fully ready to conceive.

If we make a mating earlier, it could have a negative impact on your health pitomitsy.

The spine of the young cat is not enough strong, so early pregnancy can make it invalid.



Before you need to take your cat to the tuppingvet and check for the presence of various diseases. It is also worth making your pitomitsy all necessary vaccinations if vaccination during pregnancy, it may affect the fetus and lead to all sorts of anomalies. You also need to be treated for worms, as these parasites can enter the body unborn kittens.

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Next, the cat should be placed in a special cell or the house where it will take the cat. These actions must be carried out only in heat.

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Keep the cat boyfriend better in a few days (until estrus lasts), but not more than 5 times a day.

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