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HOW demagnetize TV

How to demagnetize TV

Almost every inhabitant of this planet have a favorite program, series or movie. As if we did not want, but a means to watch TV sometimes fails.

Often, TVs with cathode-rayTube (CRT) are starting to change color in the image image: your TV screen may appear green or red stripes on the edges of the image.

Get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon will demagnetize the TV screen.

You will need

  • Special device (choke) to demagnetize the CRT.



As a rule, determine fault monitor, - namely, to detect the appearance of the green band at the power kazhdolmu. The reasons can be two:

- Magnetization of the TV screen (CRT) -

- Shift mask kinescope.


The magnetization of the TV screen appears duethat close to the TV may be electrical appliances, which have their own magnetic force. Counteracting these forces is the magnetization. If you pay attention to some of the electrical appliances in the hardware store, the manual or the price tag Set point shielded Protection (method of protection) instructions. Many models of audio devices, this option is mandatory. For example, PC Speaker for PC, without shielding the speakers cause rapid loss of efficiency standing near the monitor. Shift CRT mask may not be working properly, so the cost is estimated at a new monitor (CRT).


There are 2 ways to fix the magnetization of the TV +
- When a small part of the magnetization inTV provides for protection from such a factor hitting the screen (degaussing loop). It is enough to turn off the TV and leave it in standby (quiescent) from a few to several hours (depending on the model of the TV).
- If the loop degaussing? unable to cope, then you need to purchase, and it is better to borrow a special reactor that produces degaussing the picture tube of your TV. When demagnetization this device is necessary to observe the exact sequence of actions, which is detailed in the instruction manual. The principle of the SS throttle you can also tell a friend from whom you may take this device.

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