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HOW demagnetize the TV screen

How to demagnetize the TV screen

It happens that on the screen of CRT color TV color distortions arise as a result of the magnetization of the mask.

Correct this situation can be, having carried out the procedure, called the demagnetization.



Disconnect the TV from the mains and waitposistor (so-called thermistor with positive thermal coefficient of resistance) in the circuit degaussing loop to cool. This can take up to an hour. Then turn on the unit again. There will be automatic demagnetization. If it does not work, repeat the procedure several times.


The monitor is usually a relay that switches offposistor coil and from the network after demagnetization effected. Therefore, it cools even when the monitor is on. To demagnetize the picture tube again, just select the monitor menu item called Degauss. Remember that successfully re demagnetize the tube mask will only be in half an hour (until posistor hot, when you select the corresponding menu item, the relay will click, but degaussing will not be carried out, in addition, every such attempt to re-warm up posistor).


If the picture tube is magnetized so strong thatdemagnetize its built-in loop is not possible, use an external inductor demagnetization. Take it for a while in teleatele. Remove from the room at the time of any diskettes, audio and video tapes, bank and discount cards, tickets, magnetic stripe - all that can be degaussed with your TV or monitor. Turn on the TV or monitor, put the throttle a few meters away from him, and then are also included. Slightly moving the choke from side to side, slowly place it at the machine, with strong color distortions will occur on it. Equally slowly bring it back, and only a few meters turn off from it. After this color distortion should disappear. If not, repeat the procedure several times. Do not keep the throttle turned on for a long time, to prevent it from heating.


In the case, even if an external degaussingthrottle has not led to the desired result in the reduction of the unit broken rays. His adjustment Trust the experts. This is due not only to the presence of a TV or monitor high voltage, but also the complexity of the procedure - for it will take not just video technician.

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