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HOW defuse a mine

How to defuse a mine

The game Fall Out some players are faced with the fact that they can not properly defuse a mine.

It is possible to use different methods, among which to choose the most easy and effective.

You will need

  • Computer with a game Fall Out.



In order to get the ability to clear minesmine must obtain a skill "explosive." This skill allows you to specify the period of time from when the fuse has been activated, ie, the player stepped on a mine, until the explosion.


For the neutralization of mines need to put onShe cursor. Immediately after moving the cursor to the menu item pops up the "E" - to disarm the mine. Once the button is pressed, the point E goes out, which means that the mine defused. This happens because the fuse is turned off, turning the mine into a harmless object, which can be taken as an inventory.


You can go into stealth mode. In this case, you can go so close to mine that the mine safely defused and will not react to the player.


Some mines can be alert andothers are not active. When the mine is so damaged that it can self-explode, you can throw a grenade to destroy it, or shoot. If there was at this time is another mine, it can also explode. The result is a series of explosions.


If a player runs into a sniper, you must either fight him or log in invisible mode, or work around it in a circle.

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