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How to defer payment on a loan


How to defer payment on a loan</a>

According to statistics, every fourth borrower periodically faces problems with payments on the loan.

In a complex financial situation, the question of the possibility of obtaining a deferred payment is especially topical.

Credit holidays

When there is a difficult financial situation(For example, if you lose work), you can try to apply for a deferral of credit payments. Initially, it is worthwhile to study the loan agreement, in which the conditions for granting a deferral may be prescribed. Banks often refer to them as credit holidays. During this period, the bank can allow, for example, not to repay the principal debt, and make payments only on credit interest.
The borrower should take into account that after the end of the loan holidays, the cost of payments on the loan will be increased, as well as the fee for deferring credit payments.

Loan restructuring

In the event that the loan agreement does not containProvisions on granting deferrals on payments, it is worth trying to ask the bank to make changes in the terms of repayment of the loan. This process is called a loan restructuring.
To obtain restructuring, it is necessaryContact the bank with a request to reduce the amount of monthly payments and increase the loan repayment period. It is necessary to attach documents confirming the occurrence of financial difficulties. For example, a birth certificate for a child, an order to cut from work, a certificate of illness,
The bank will take into account the previous credit historyThe borrower and the absence of delinquencies on the loan. It is worth considering that banks do not always meet borrowers. After all, the decision to restructure is the right, and not the obligation of the bank. Moreover, for many banks fines and penalties for late payments are additional earnings.
If the bank has passed a negative verdictRegarding the possibility to refinance, then you can apply to another bank and refinance your loan. Due to this, the borrower has the opportunity to obtain a new loan to pay off old on more favorable terms. Refinancing allows you to reduce the amount of a monthly payment, or the interest rate.

Postponement of payments in court

The bank can not only not go to a meetingBorrower, but also to file a lawsuit against him to recover the amount of debt, as well as penalties and fines. In this case, the borrower can file a counterclaim on the provision of installments. If the reason for which he does not have the opportunity to pay on the loan will be recognized by the court as valid, he can appoint him an installment plan for a certain period.
In any case, the borrower needsTry not to allow delinquencies on the loan and not to miss payments. In extreme cases, it is worth paying at least part of the monthly payment covering the loan interest.

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