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HOW MUCH is deducted from the salary on trade-union payments


How much is deducted from the salary for trade union contributions</a>

Trade unions at enterprises and organizations are collective bodies that protect the labor and professional rights and interests of workers.

Interaction with employers the trade union carries out on the basis of the collective agreement signed by both parties.

The tasks of the trade union include, among other things, improving working conditions, raising wages, and obtaining social guarantees.

Why are trade unions in the enterprise necessary?

The primary trade union organization may beWas established at the enterprise of any form of property, including in the educational institution. The minimum number of its members is 3 people. The development of the system of social partnership is carried out in many constituent entities of the Russian Federation on the basis of regional normative acts. The primary organization of trade unions operating at the enterprise is for the employer such a social partner, and the collective agreement that they conclude among themselves serves as a guarantee of loyalty to this enterprise and its leader by local authorities and self-government. Therefore, the activity of the trade union cell at the enterprise is beneficial both to management and to the employees themselves.
Conclusion of the collective agreement withA representative body of workers who is a trade union for the employer is also a factor that ensures stable work, production of competitive and quality products. The union ensures the protection of the rights and interests of workers, resolves issues of labor disputes with management and consideration of the social problems of its members.

The amount and procedure for the payment, distribution and expenditure of membership and entrance fees shall be in accordance with the Regulations governing these matters.

The financial side of the trade union

The activities of the primary organization of trade unions onEnterprise is carried out in accordance with the Charter. It or in a separate document should stipulate the formation of the material resources of the trade union organization necessary to ensure its effective work.

Membership fees are not deducted from the amounts paid from the social insurance fund, they are not subject to material assistance, cash prizes for participating in sports competitions, etc.

Since the days of the trade unions operating in the SovietUnion, the amount of membership fees is set at 1% of wages. In the vast majority of trade union primary cells, this percentage of deductions remains the same. In some cases, it decreases for non-working pensioners and students, as well as for those women who are on parental leave. There is also an entrance fee. This amount is deducted at a time and, as a rule, is equal to the monthly membership fee, i.е. 1% of the salary. All amounts calculated by the employer in cash and in kind, including compensatory and incentive payments, surcharges and allowances, are included in this sum.

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