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HOW deducted from the salary for union dues

How much will be deducted from the salary to the union dues

Trade unions in enterprises and organizations are collective bodies, protecting labor and professional rights and interests of workers.

Interaction with employers union takes place on the basis of the collective agreement signed by both parties.

The union tasks include, inter alia, improved working conditions, higher wages, for social guarantees.

What are the trade unions at the enterprise

Primary trade union organization can becreated at the enterprise of any ownership, including in education. The minimum number of its members - 3 people. Development of the system of social partnership is carried out in many regions of the Russian Federation on the basis of regional regulations. The primary organization of the trade unions operating in the enterprise, the employer is therefore the social partners, and the collective agreement which they conclude with each other, is a guarantee of loyalty to the enterprise and its head with the local government and self-government. Therefore, the trade-union cell activity in the enterprise beneficial to both management and the employees themselves.
The conclusion of the collective agreement withrepresentative body of workers, which is a union, the employer is also a factor that contributes to a stable job, produce competitive and quality products. The union protects the rights and interests of employees, decide on labor disputes with the management and review of the social problems of its members.

The size and order of payment, distribution, and consumption of membership and entrance fees in accordance with the provisions governing these issues.

The financial side of the trade union activities

The activity of the primary organization of trade unions in theCompany in accordance with the Charter. In it, or in a separate document should stipulate what form of material resources of trade union organization, necessary to ensure its effective operation.

Membership fees are not deducted from the amounts paid from the social insurance fund, they are not subject to financial aid, cash prizes for participating in sports competitions and so on.

Ever since the trade unions operating in the SovietUnion membership fees is set to 1% of the salary. In the vast majority of trade union of primary cells the percentage of allocations remains the same. In some cases it is reduced for pensioners and students, as well as for those women who are on leave for child care. There is also an entrance fee. This amount will be deducted at the same time and, as a rule, equal to the monthly membership fee, ie, 1% of the salary. It includes all amounts accrued by the employer in cash or in kind, including compensation and incentive payments, bonuses and allowances.

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