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HOW darn clothes

How to mend clothes

Yet what some 20 years ago was darn ordinary and habitual occupation.

Modern people are sometimes not without reason, believe that it is easier to buy new than to fix the old one.

Yet it happens that a thing worn out and throw it sorry.

Accurate darn may well prolong the life of socks of his beloved grandmother or other things, sweet heart.

Darn it made crocheted or knitted things,which is made by a set of loops. Traditionally darn heel woolen socks that wear is usually much faster than other parts of the product. You can darn and fabric items, but only if the tear is not a cross-cutting and thread products partially preserved (in place scuffs).

In other cases it is better apply the patch.

Materials for work

To start the darn, you need to prepare all that is needed for this process.
1; Yarn. Darning thread for better pick similar in color and texture with the material from which made the thing: then there will be not so evident, that the clothes renovated. special thread yarn sold in stores, which are called - "darn." They are inexpensive, have different colors, and you can try to choose the most suitable. However, you can use another yarn, as long as it is not too different from the one from which it is made thing. For wool products are not worth a darn cotton thread, and vice versa.
2, thick needle. You can take a special needle, which is called darning, but if it does not, any suitable thick needle with an eye large enough to thread it in thread for mending.
3, subject to stretch the product. To darn turned out neat, the product must be spread out over the surface of the spherical shape - so the edge of the hole you want to mend will not be pulled together and craftswomen will be easier to "catch" the naughty runaway loops. In stores you can buy handicrafts special tools for this, but if this was not at hand, and fit a child's toy or even an ordinary light bulb. The main thing was to smooth hemispherical surface size not less than the diameter of the holes.

There are some types of mending as engine and art. This article describes the easiest way manual darning.

How darn?

darning The principle is similar to creating hand-woven cloth: using a needle and thread is created weave in a staggered manner.
The first stage is fixed to the producta spherical surface with a needle and thread extend from one hole edge to the other parallel to each other. The needle moves first in one direction, the thread is fixed on the edge stitch holes, and then the next row is laid in the opposite direction. This should be done from one end to the other hole. It is important to note the following:
- It is desirable that the direction of the filaments darn consistent with the general direction of vyazaniya-
- Guide the thread should be fairly fit tightly to each other, otherwise the darning will hlipkoy-
- Fixing thread on the edge of the hole, it is important to raise ( "raise") a loop of knitted products, otherwise it will have to repair again soon.
After the first series of darning is ready, you can proceed to the second. Thread breaks do not need, just continue from the edge, where ended the last stitch.

Leading the second row, it is necessary to passneedle alternately from above, from below the first row mending yarn. When moving the needle in the reverse direction yarns that were on, the bottom left and the bottom are of the leading thread. This creates a staggered weave.
By making the second row of the darning, it is also important not to forget to pay attention to the rise of the loop on the edge of orderly holes that darn.
When treated in this way the entire surface rents - darning is finished! It is possible to fix the thread on the wrong side of the product and use it on.

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