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How to cut discs

We need to throw another game, but a small flash drive or no? We'll have to write (cut) a disk or even multiple disks, if one is not enough.

The standard operating system tools almost always prove to be insufficient for such a task.

A special program, with the most convenient, fast and on, free opportunities.

You will need

  • • Internet access (to download the program-chasers) / CD with installation file Programs-
  • • Administrator rights (for most operating systems) -
  • • Drive with recording function (-RW) -
  • • Clean the disc.



You must first install the program, with the help of which will be recorded on the disc.
In order not to be considered in detail several programs at once, of floor, take for example one, which will be able to handle everything, and that can perform most of the functions on the cutting discs.
BurnAwareFree can record almost everything,anything. Starting from simple data CD and ending with full-fledged ISO-images and recording Blu-ray discs. The very process of recording is very clear to any user.
It is this program, and we will consider further.
Download and install:
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A window opens in which you want to movefolders / files to record. The program writes, where you need to press to add a file (image 1). But before that you need to select the drive (2 image).

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Then select the type of disk inserted in the disk drive (step 3 in Figure 4).


Now you can start adding files andfolders. We click on the paint label "Click here to add file" (1 image step 4), select the files (the same files can be simply dragged and dropped into the window).


Enter the disc name (step 4 on 4 image).


Select the recording speed (step 5 in the image 4).


Everything is ready, click on the big red button (image 6 Step 4) - Recording nachalas.Po end of the recording drive will be opened, and the program will inform you about the results of their work.
Now you just have to re-insert the disc to check in practice, how successful the program and your drive failed in their tasks.
Using other programs, cutting discs - similar to this.

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