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HOW car customs clearance in Russia

How to clear of the car in Russia

Very often people are faced with the problem of car customs clearance at import it into Russia.

Many agencies, offering their assistance, argument is that to figure the red tape many can not afford.



Notify pre-customs in writing of the desired car import, it, in turn, will require a deposit in order to be confident in your actions.


Make a pledge to the account of Moscowmotor customs post (MATP) or to the account of the Moscow regional road transport customs post (MOATP) .Sredstva that you leave as a deposit, in the following will be included in the total payment of customs duties. The total amount depends on the machine that you want to import into the country. For example, the payment rate for the import of trucks and motorcycles is 1000 euros. If you still decide not to import carYou can claim back the pledge, which will be returned to you within 3 years, in a written statement.


imported car before customs clearance on the territory of Russia. Start of registration begins at the moment of arrival of the vehicle in the customs office. car import would be allowed subject to the following requirements: payment of customs platezhi- identify car- Submit a certificate of control of the vehicle delivery.


Deliver car on MOATP or MATP. You must arrive early for the post and get in line. On the appointed day should come to the post already, along with cars and give notice that car arrived.


Put the car on the temporary storage,sign a contract with him. Complete vehicle inspection customs inspector to identify the necessary information, such as year of issue, the customs value, etc. If necessary, make an expert assessment of the car. This is an important point of customs clearance. When importing a new car is not determined by the date of its manufacture. Otherwise the basis for assessment of the customs value of the vehicle is the act of the customs dosmotra.Rastamozhka car ends after the payment of all customs duties, with the issuance of UVTS and PTSD.

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