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HOW customs clearance cars from Belarus

How to clear of cars from Belarus

It has recently become very popular to bring supported by foreign cars in Russia from Belarus. There they are cheaper than at home, and the quality is much better.

Machines, cleared until 2010, imported into the territory of our country without any duties. But now, without going to the customs office the car does not sell.

You can cross the border only temporarily in the vehicle, purchased in Belarus.

The procedure for removing the machine from the register at the customs has clearly established procedural plan.



If you are a citizen of Belarus, contactthe customs authorities at the place of residence. Bring a technical passport machines, a passport and a passport. Pay the cost of customs duties and get a warranty certificate. You can then remove the car from the register.


Fill in the form of a declaration TD-6, thenrefer to the customs officials or brokers to get the transit declaration. Find out all the information on the site. Make sure the document is registered, and there are all the necessary seals and stamps.

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On receipt of such declaration, refer to the customs authorities at the place of residence, and then put car a temporary storage warehouse, will be notified. Get the status "arrived".


Fill in the declaration TD-7 form, write application form. After processing all of the data you will be given a passport of the vehicle. Feel free to send him abroad.


Russian citizen after buying the car in Belarus, simply refers to the custom for electronic type TCP. Custom make an inquiry about the validity of customs clearance. Then you are bringing car for inspection, which are checked against number units, Euro4 get a certificate, and then do all the technical expertise.

As the customs clearance of cars & lt-b & gt-australia & lt- / b & gt-

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