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How to Crush a Stone


How to Crush a Stone</a>

If you need to shred a particular rock, you may encounter a number of problems.

It does not matter if you want to get rid ofHuge boulders that hamper your building in the backyard or from a few small cobblestones in order to make them sand for the winter mound, you will need some equipment and techniques to do this.



Go to the store. If your funds allow you to make several purchases and you simply do not know what exactly to buy, this is the way for you. In the building center, consult the seller. Tell us about the size of your "enemy" and the size to which you need to reduce it. If the dimensions of the boulder are too large, most likely, only dynamite will save you, but just so you will not be sold. You will have to call a special brigade. If the dimensions of the stone are quite acceptable, then you will choose either a decent sledgehammer or a good electric rock crushing machine. Do not forget to also buy at least a protective mask. Cobblestone will want to take revenge, launching in you various small chips that can harm you.


Take a piece of thick tissue and place a rock In it, if you need to crush a very smallStone material for crafts and other things. Properly fasten the knot on the resulting crook so that there are no excess holes through which individual fragments could fall out. Unfortunately, if the fabric is not strong enough, these holes will somehow appear anyway.


Place the package on an open space with a solid substrate (for example, asphalt) below it. With a hammer, start splitting a rock, From time to time shaking the bag so that all the particles are on the same side. Continue this procedure until you get a stone shot of the size you need.

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