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HOW crushed stone

How crushed stone

If you need to split some of rock, you may encounter a number of problems.

It does not matter whether you want to get rid ofhuge boulders, preventing your construction site in the backyard or a few small boulders with a view to make them for winter sand mound, you will need certain equipment and techniques to do it.



Go to the store. If your funds allow you to do some shopping and you just do not know what to buy, this method is for you. In the center of the building, consult with the seller. Tell us about the size of your "enemy" and the size to which you need to reduce it. If the dimensions are too large boulder is likely to save you just dynamite, but just so you will not sell it. You have to call special team. If the dimensions of the stone quite acceptable, you will pick up a decent hammer, a good electrical kamnedrobitelnuyu car. Do not forget to buy at least a protective mask. Cobblestone will want to take revenge by firing at you a variety of small chips that can hurt you.


Take a piece of thick fabric and place a rock in it, if you need to grind very smallstone material for handicrafts and other things. Properly secure the unit in the acquired plastic bags, to avoid unnecessary openings which might fall some pieces. Unfortunately, if the fabric is not strong enough, the holes still somehow appear.


Place the bundle in the open space with a solid base (eg, asphalt) underneath. Use the hammer to break up begin a rockOccasionally shaking the bag so that all of the particles themselves on one side. Continue this procedure until you get the stone fraction the size you want.

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