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How to properly rob a studio in the game Mafia II


How to properly rob a studio in the game Mafia II</a>

Undoubtedly, many who at least once played in Mafia II drove past expensive and chic studio clothes. Such a "shop" is the only one in the city, and it's not cheap to put on there.

For example, if the jacket in simple stores costs $ 50 this way, then it will tighten as much as 100!

Fortunately, the game developers allowed us not only to not spend their money, but also to multiply them, and even in a good suit!

You will need

  • Passenger car closed (bestTake cars quickly overclocked), weapons (you can even without cartridges, but it's better with them). You should be discreet (you should not make a raid in front of passing cops), a good reaction (quickly grab weapons and shoot those squires who are still alive for some reason) and, of course, the huge arrogance of swinging the Thompson in the middle of white Day in the center of New York.



You go in to Harry and buy up all the ammunition,Which is. He has a lot of things, so do not rush! You need fast-firing and accurate weapons, therefore we advise taking Thompson's submachine guns with a magazine for 50 rounds. For one raid should be enough! We choose a car: it's better to take the fastest, but in no case is a convertible with an open top!

For example, you can try this


Sitting in the car and not breaking the rules on the slyApproach the atelier. Then take the machine gun or submachine gun, go to the storefront from the cash register, take the guard's guard and not go into the store, shoot it. Then you run in, rob and run away. Sometimes it's better to shoot even with a pistol, but remember, when you do this - shoot 2 times - to be sure!


Or take a large car type Lassister 69 (myFavorite) or Lassister 75 (also like), but it's actually not important, the main thing is to have a closed car (not a convertible). Rasgonyaetsya and enter the shop window, press the guard at the same time. Again, rob, get in the car and dump. Plus this method before the first is that you will not need to run to the car, which means that the approaching cops have less chance to shoot you.

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