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How to buy land

Purchase of land - this is a real event, which requires not only substantial financial costs, but also careful attention to the design of the acquisition agreement.

Only after reviewing all the details of the transaction can be sure that you will not find yourself a victim of fraud.



Find out the site category, which intend topurchase. If the land is sold without a dwelling house, and you want to build, you need to make sure that it does not contradict the law. Problems will arise if the land is intended for individual housing construction. In agricultural areas it is impossible to build - the house will be demolished. This prohibition also applies to protected areas and water protection.


Make sure that the seller in the areaactually has the right to make a deal. To do this, he must be the owner of the land or his agent and to have documents proving ownership. Difficulties may arise if after the transaction it turns out that the site has a co-owner of which the seller is silent. In this case, you risk being left without money and without purchase, since the sale of entry into force of the contract require the written consent of all holders of rights to land.


Check whether the correct information indicated in the contract onlocation of the site. If an error has crept into them, then the transaction will be canceled. Scammers and at all able to deliberately specify incorrect location of the land - in this case you will be the owner of the site is not that you demonstrated an unscrupulous seller. Pay attention when studying the agreement should also be on the acquired land area and its cadastral number - this information will help ensure that you are buying just the plot, which wanted.


Check with the seller, whether carrieddisengagement section. Only after the preparation of the land boundary plan becomes clear boundaries. Otherwise, before you can get the need to coordinate the border area with the newly acquired neighbors. Remember that to make claims the seller after the deal was done, you will no longer have the right, so make sure under all the stated parameters of the site, before you place your contract to purchase the land.

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