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How to tell fortunes for a coffee

Each of us sometimes wants to lift the veil of the future and find answers to urgent questions.

In this situation, the aid of all kinds of divination, the most common of which is a guessing on coffee.



Guessing on coffee has the same long history,a coffee beverage itself. Scientists believe that the Peruvian Indians used to always read the tea leaves before you go hunting. The special distribution of divination is obtained in the 17th century in Europe is experiencing a real boom in fashion. A huge advantage of this method of divination is its simplicity and availability. Certainly in every home there is ground coffee, as many people today simply can not imagine their lives without this refreshing drink. Incidentally, it appeared the legend of the magical power of coffee thanks to its tonic properties.


Guessing on coffee, as well as any other divinationIt requires adherence to certain rules. First, you need to make coffee without sugar and drink it slowly, enjoying every sip. In no case can not be in a hurry, relax and chill out. You can even enter a light trance to more clearly understand the characters. Once tonic drink is drunk, it is necessary to take the cup in his left hand and make a few circular motion clockwise. It should be slightly shaken coffee grounds. Now, cover the cup and saucer and turn it by focusing on the issues that you care about. Place the dish on the table and wait for a few minutes. Coffee grinds, flowing down, is to form intricate designs on the walls and bottom of the cup and saucer. These patterns and you have to decipher.


Here are some pictures of coffee values:

Luck in love heralds picture of femalehead, butterflies, an elderly lady, lily, quadrangle, and diamond. Saw the ring, St. Andrew's cross, violet or rose, we should expect the imminent marriage proposal. If you happen to see in the drawings of a cow, door, house, key, scissors, lizard, or a shoe, then you will find good luck and success. And here is a harbinger of misfortune and danger is the image of a bear, willow, bull, coffin, crows and shoes. Lips, frog, fish and angel promise you the good news, and the camel, swan, fly, fork, a chair and a square predict improvement in the material position. Warning of serious disease or death may be in the form of pictures of the coffin with a cross, owls and loops.

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