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How correctly arrange the sale of the car

How to arrange the sale of the car

Rapidly developing world of automotive technology, so naturally, that the car owners to question the sale of its vehicles and the acquisition of more modern models.

To prevent the occurrence of possibleproblems associated with incorrect paperwork on the sale of the machine, it is necessary to focus on a new regulation on the registration of motor vehicles.

Car transmission methods

To transfer a vehicle from the owner to his buyer, there are several ways:
1., Making the purchase and sale FAQ account. In this case, the seller and the buyer use the services of a mediator, a role which can be a pawnshop that surcharge spends all documented. The disadvantage of this method is the need for removal of the vehicle from the register and the procedure of registration in the store rooms of transit.
2.; Design of general power of attorney, which is a one-way transaction, as a result of which the vehicle is owned by the Seller to the registration of the vehicle to the buyer. General power of attorney is issued by a notary, and has a number of drawbacks, both for the seller and for the buyer, for example, it has a definite expiration date, and in some cases can be revoked or canceled. Since the entry into force of innovation, concerning the registration of vehicles, registration of general power of attorney in most cases was inappropriate.
3, Making the purchase and sale agreement. The procedure of registration of the document greatly simplified with the introduction of new regulations, which is a big advantage compared to other methods.

Making the purchase and sale agreement

When making a purchase and sale agreement must take into account the following rules:
- To make the sales contract can be in a simple, handwritten forme- clear requirements for the registration of this document does not suschestvuet- assurance contract at the notary neobyazatelno-
- The sales contract must containfull information about the car, confirmed by documents (including data on state registration plates), passport data seller and the buyer, the time and place of the contract, the cost of the car, payment terms, time and place of transfer motor materials-
- Can be issued an additional act of acceptance and transfer to a treaty containing a list of objects and devices, transferred together with avtomobilem-
- The contract is made in two copies, onecopy is for the seller, and the second is passed to the new owner. At the time of signing the contract the buyer is obliged to transfer the entire amount stipulated in the contract the seller.
After the conclusion and signing of the contract must bechanges into a single MREO traffic police database. Renewal, as a rule, is engaged in a new owner. The seller of the car also has the right to apply to the traffic police a statement about the termination of the registration of vehicles.

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