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How to correctly position the outlet for oven

How to arrange the outlet for oven

In the design of the box beneath the oven it is necessary to take into account one very important thing, which collectors of furniture is often overlooked. It is necessary to correctly position the outlet.

Often, it uses the most common extender, which provides power supply to the electrical equipment. But it is not always possible to apply this method.

In this case, the socket for connecting the oven must be placed in the area of ​​its location.

When designing a kitchen unit must beexamine the passport of the oven, which is planned to build in one of his boxes. Here you can find the overall performance of electrical equipment, which in the future and should be guided in choosing the right size box.

Where you can not install the outlet

You need to explore options, where it is not recommended to do before you decide on the location for the outlet of the oven:
- Outlet can not be installed on the wall of the oven, otherwise it will be impossible to use. In addition, it will interfere with the installation of the oven korob-
- Outlet should not be located near the washing area, including where there is sewage sludge (electricity and water - two incompatible things) -
- Outlet can not be installed next to the hob.
Sometimes it is necessary to install the socket in the boxunder the sink, which is not recommended. Most often, this option is selected because of the lack of other suitable places. In this case, the outlet should always be equipped with protection against moisture.

Where outlet should be positioned for oven

A properly installed socket brassthe cabinet should be located below the countertop, preferably inside the box. Thus it is necessary to ensure free access to it from the outside. This may require the partial or total removal of the rear wall of the box. How would qualitatively or wiring in the house happened to her was carried out can anything at any time. And to protect themselves from fire and electrical equipment from damage, normal access should be provided to all outlets of the house. This will allow at any time to disconnect from the network devices.
In addition, in the box, socket for electric oven can be set in the following areas available:
- On the wall, next to which is located under the box vytyazhku-
- Apron (operating panel) kitchen garnitura-
- Outside of the kitchen units.
Powering from the oven to the outlet, regardlessfrom its location, it can be made through the extension. He, in turn, can be placed over the set, namely the gap between the casing and the wall. To use an extension cord, install the outlet in a radius of at least one meter from the place of installation of the device.
If you have any doubt about the correctness of hisselect harm will seek the advice of a qualified electrician, who not only advise on the search for a suitable site, but will also help make installation of the wall outlet.

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