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How to clog a bottle


How to clog a bottle</a>

There are various liquids, which every now and then we have to store, bottled up in bottles.

Often our blockages do not meet the requirements, and the wine begins to wander, and liquids such as gasoline and acetone evaporate or emit unpleasant odors to others.



So the bottling of bottles while storing homemadeWine or champagne takes place by using hot plugs, which are softened in hot water, which, after blockage, are tied with a wet cord, in order to avoid a shot, if champagne starts to wander.


The second no less known and reliable methodBlockage of bottles is a way of filling a cork, previously inserted into the neck of a bottle, with wax or sealing wax. At the same time, the blockage will be reliable, and at the same time have a unique, unique appearance. As a rule, after pouring with wax the neck is wrapped with sackcloth or pieces of any other fabric.


The third way to stop the bottle isUse instead of a lid or a cork of a polyethylene film. To do this, after filling the bottle with the desired liquid, dab the film into alcohol and attach to the bottle neck, pressing the ends down. Wind the film several times with a twine and tighten it tightly. This method is good for storage for a not very long period.


The fourth way is to block the bottle with the help ofCandle wax. A reliable and proven method for which you should purchase a conventional wax candle, melt it and pour the resulting waxy liquid on top, about 2-3 cm from the tip of the neck. Allow to harden a little and the cork is ready. The wax plug will be very tight and practical.


Occlusion with the help of a nipple. Quite an easy way, but it does not allow storing liquid substances in bottles for a long time. If the nipple is blocked, you must pour the liquid in Bottle And holding it in an upright position, put on the neck the usual baby pacifier provided for bottles without a hole.


Clogging Bottle With liquid it is possible with the help of carved outWood plugs. For this, the linden, aspen and other soft tree species are perfect. In addition to wood, you can use a newspaper. Homemade jams from the newspaper have been famous for a long time, in particular, with the blocking of moonshine. To do this, you need to take the newspaper, crumple it and fold tight plug. Usually, in this way, the newspaper is dipped in the water a little, so that the cork is stronger and tighter.


Corking bottles with resin. To do this, you need to take any cork suitable for your bottle (plastic, plastic, rubber, cork, etc.), dab it in tar and insert into Bottle. When frozen, this plug can be sealed for many years Bottle. It should be remembered that with this method the neck of the bottle should be dry, since the resin does not stick to the wet surface.


The eighth way is to block the bottle withSalt. This type of plug is suitable for clogging hot liquids. To do this, you need to pour liquid, lower gauze in the neck, pour salt, wait until the steam can absorb, thereby making the salt dense, apply a second layer of gauze and tie the string around the neck several times.


Remember, when tying the neck with twine or twine, the thread must be wet beforehand, so that when it dries it is even stronger and tighter.

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