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As cork bottle

There are a variety of liquid, which now and then we have to be stored, corked bottles.

Often our blockages do not meet the requirements, and the wine begins to ferment, and liquids such as gasoline, acetone, evaporate or emit unpleasant odors to others.



Since blockage of the bottles when stored homemadewine or champagne happens through the use of softened in hot water thick plugs that after occlusion strapped wet cord, in order to avoid the shot, if the champagne starts to wander.


The second least-known and reliable waycorking bottles - a way pouring tube previously inserted into the neck of the bottle, the wax or wax. This blockage is reliable and at the same time have a unique, unmistakable look. As a rule, after pouring wax neck wrapped with burlap or pieces of any other tissue.


A third method of plugging the bottles - itUse instead of the lid or plastic film tubes. For this purpose, after the desired liquid bottle filling dip in alcohol film and attach to the bottle neck, pinning the ends down. Wrap the foil tightly with string and tie a few times. This method is good for storage in not a very long time.


The fourth way - a blockage of the bottle usingcandle wax. Reliable and proven method, for which you want to buy an ordinary wax candle, melt it and pour the resulting liquid wax on top, about 2-3 cm from the tip of the bottle. Give a little to harden and jam is ready. This wax plug will be very tight and practical.


Blockage using nipples. Quite simple way, but it does not allow to store liquids in bottles for a long time. When plugging a pacifier is necessary to pour the liquid in bottle and holding it in a vertical position, to wear on the neck of a normal baby pacifier provided for bottles without holes.


Plug bottle a liquid can be machined by means ofwood plugs. For this perfect basswood, aspen and other soft wood. In addition to the tree, you can use the newspaper. Homemade jams from the newspaper has long been famous for, especially when plugging moonshine. To do this, pick up a newspaper, crumple it and turn a tight stopper. Typically in this method the paper is dipped in a little water to plug was more durable and tight.


Corking bottles using resin. To do this, take any plug suitable for your bottles (plastic, plastic, rubber, cork, etc.), dipped it in tar and paste bottle. When solidification of this tube can is hermetically sealed for years to come bottle. It should be remembered that this type of bottle neck should be dry, as wet resin to the surface does not stick.


Eight-way - a blockage of the bottle usingsalt. This type of stopper is suitable for sealing of hot liquids. To do this, pour the liquid into the neck of the lower gauze, pour salt and wait until the steam can be absorbed, thereby making thick salt, impose a second layer of cheesecloth and tie with string around the neck several times.


Remember, you need to pre-wet to dry when it was still stronger and tighter at the neck with string tying twine or thread.

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