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How to twist a swivel rosary


How to twist a swivel rosary</a>

The rosary is a tool known for a long timeRecounting prayers during worship services, but in the last decades the rosary also became a peculiar style attribute, as well as a tool for relaxation and stress relief. The rods are different - they are made from different materials, they consist of different number of beads of different shapes, and are divided into beads and beads and on the rosary beads in the form of wooden plates strung on the thread.

Everyone can learn how to twist such beads.



Pinch the rosary between the middle and index fingers and then throw the lower end of the rosary up.


Grab the lower end of the large and indexedFingers, and then swing one end again to describe a full circle around the fingers in the same direction. With each contact of the ends, the rosary should click against each other.


A more complex way of sorting over the flip-flopsLies in their reciprocating motion. Use the middle finger as the rotation axis. Put a rosary on it and throw the lower end from the index finger to the big one.


The end must come in contact with the upper edge of the rosaryAnd fit between the middle and ring fingers. The upper end is released from the gap between the middle and index fingers and flip it downward so that it touches the opposite end of the rosaries. This way of transferring the beads will make it possible to achieve a uniform double knock at each transfer.


The most difficult way of sorting out these beadsIs a "snake" technique, which requires a long workout. Consistently scroll the beads around the index, middle and ring fingers. The faster the rosary will roll, the higher will be your skill, and the more often and louder the clicks will be heard.

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