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How to twist the rosary


How to twist the rosary</a>

Rosary is not only an indispensable attribute of religious life, but also a fashion accessory in modern society.

The rosettes are made from precious wood, semiprecious stones and plastic.



You can twist the rosary in the process of prayer, as well as in case you need to find harmony and peace, get rid of stress.


By purchasing prayer beads for prayer purposes,For what religion they are intended. The fact is that rosaries are used in all three world religions. But the main difference between Buddhist, Christian and Muslim rosaries is the number of beads. During prayer, you count the repetition of the sacred text according to the number of beads. And if you have the beads of other faiths in your hands, then this number does not match.


You can use beads in stressfulSituations. If you are very nervous, take the rosary and peel the beads one by one clockwise. When you reach the end (return to the bottom of the rosaries), turn them around and start the process anew.


You need to twist the rosary first with one hand, and thenother. And pay special attention to the twisting of the beads in your hand, which is not your leading one. If you are right handed, rotate the rosary in the left hand. The fact is that the left arm is connected with the right hemisphere, which is responsible for rational thinking. Activation of fine motor skills of the left hand will have a beneficial effect on the development of logic, deduction and the whole thought process as a whole.


The soothing effect is easily explained withPhysiological point of view. At the fingertips are small nerve branches, which, when in contact with the environment, send various signals to the brain. When contact with a smooth rounded surface, the nerve endings relax. A man, scrolling in his hands rosary, is distracted by this process and leaves concentration on the problem that bothers him.


To reduce stress, it is better to choose beads from juniper. When rotating, these rosaries give off the aroma of natural wood and help to come to a more balanced state faster.


If stressful situations occur in your lifeOften, then scrolling the bead behind the bead, list what you are thankful for, why you love your work (which is possible at the moment and is your irritant). Rotating the rosary in this way, you not only calm your nerves, but also form positive attitudes.

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