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Rosary - is not only an indispensable attribute of the religious life, but also a fashion accessory in today's society.

Prayer beads made of precious wood, semi-precious stones and plastic.



Spin the beads you can in the prayers, and if you need to find harmony and peace, get rid of stress.


Buying rosary prayer in order to specify,they are intended for any religion. The fact that the beads used in all three world religions. But the main difference of the Buddhist, Christian and Muslim prayer beads is the number of beads. During the prayer you score repeats the sacred text according to the number of beads. And if you will be in the hands of a rosary of other faiths, this number does not match.


You can use beads in stressfulsituations. If you are very nervous, take the rosary beads and fingers one by one in a clockwise direction. When you reach the end (go back to the base of the rosary), turn them and start the process again.


We need to turn the beads first with one hand and thenother. And pay attention to the torsion of the rosary in his hand, which is not leading you. If you are right handed, then rotate the rosary in his left hand. The fact that the left hand is associated with the right hemisphere, responsible for rational thinking. Activation of fine motor skills of the left hand will act favorably on the development of logic, deduction and the entire thought process as a whole.


The calming effect is easily explained withphysiological standpoint. On the fingertips are small nerve branches that are in contact with the environment is sent to the brain different signals. Upon contact with a smooth rounded surface nerves relax. A man, scrolling in the hands of a rosary, distracted by the process and away from disturbing his concentration on the problem.


To relieve stress better to choose beads from a juniper. When you rotate the beads release the aroma of wood and helps to quickly come to a balanced state.


If stressful events occur in your lifeoften, scrolling bead for bead, lists, for which you are grateful for what you love your job (which is possible at the moment and is your stimulus). Turn the rosary in this way, you not only calms the nerves, but also are building a positive installation.

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