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How to convict a liar


How to convict a liar</a>

You talk to someone and suddenly realize that your interlocutor is lying. Eyes run around, smiles are out of place, hands are constantly pulling the edge of the sweater, and the tone of the voice has changed several times.

He answers evasively questions.

You would be happy to say: "You're lying, you know!", But he just waved his hands. Who in his place confesses?

Nevertheless, there are several ways to force a liar himself to bring himself to clean water.



Ask questions in the forehead and catch the look of a liar, no matter how he tries to look the other way. He is lost, and it will be harder for him to think up his excuses.


Do not be afraid to loudly question his truthfulness, but do not look away, otherwise your accused will decide that you are not sure, and this will only give him strength.


Influence him psychologically. First of all, your facial expressions and words should push him to rash statements. He should rather not be frightened or lose his temper, but just get lost.


If you are in a room, take a more advantageous position. For example, if you are sitting at a table, your chair should be higher. The chair of the deceiver must be lower and stand further from the table.


Put his back to the window, door or aisle. It is desirable that people from time to time pass there.


The light in the room should be soft. You should be in the least illuminated part of the room.


Send your companion a confident look when you speak. Phrases should be short in the case.


Break his personal space: approach him, you can touch the shoulder, but do not cross the boundaries.


Complete your suggestions with questions: "Do not you?", "Do not you?" So that you are not accused of excessive criticality and did not find in this a lever of pressure on you.


Ask questions that can not be answered in the negative, but leave a decision for the other person. For example, "Is it convenient for you to talk now or later?"

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