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How to expose liar

You're talking to someone and suddenly realize that your partner is lying. Eyes running around, smiles out of place, his hands constantly Teasing sweater edge, and tone of voice has changed several times.

On the questions he answers evasively.

You would be happy to say, "You're lying!", But he just planted his hands. Who admits in its place?

Nevertheless, there are several ways to make a liar of himself to bring to clean water.



Ask questions on the forehead and eyes catch a liar, no matter how he tried to look the other way. He was confused, and it will be difficult to come up with their excuses.


Do not be afraid to loudly doubt his veracity, but not allot with the eyes, or your defendant decides that you are not sure, and that's just give him strength.


Affects him psychologically. First of all, your facial expressions and words have to push it to the ill-considered statements. He should rather not be frightened or get out of yourself and just get lost.


If you are in the room, take a more favorable position. For example, if you sit at a desk, your chair should be higher. deceiver chair is to be lower, and stand on the table.


Put him back to the window, door or aisle. Desirably, there were people time to time.


The light in the room should be dim. You should be in the less illuminated part of the room.


Please send your interlocutor confident look, when you speak. Phrases should be short and to the point.


Violating his personal space: approaching it, you can touch the shoulder, but did not cross the border.


His sentence ends with the question: "Is not that right," "Do not you think?" That you are not accused of being too critical and did not find the lever of pressure on you.


Ask questions that can not be answered in the negative, but leave the decision for the interlocutor. For example, "Are you comfortable talking now or later?"

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