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How to translate into curves in Illustrator


How to translate into curves in Illustrator</a>

In the work of a web designer, you often need to convert a raster image into a vector one.

In the graphics editor of Adobe Illustrator, there is a function called Trace options.

You will need

  • - program Adobe Illustrator.



Open the Adobe Illustrator image: click File -> gt-Open or press Ctrl + O. In a new window, click OK at once.


Take the Selection tool (hotKey V) and click on the picture to select it. Find the Control panel, which is located under the main menu of the program. If it is not, click Window - & gt- Control. Find the Live trace button on this panel. Next to this button is another one, in the form of looking down the triangle, click on it and in the appeared menu select the lowest point - Tracing options. A new window will open.


Click the Mode menu. Here you can specify the trace mode. If you select Black and White, the result will be black and white, if Grayscale - monochrome, and if Color - then color. In Threshold, a threshold is set, after which one pixel turns into white, and the other into black. It is active only for the Black and White mode. The Max colors column specifies the maximum number of colors in the final image, this item is only active for Grayscale and Color modes.


Find the item Blur. With its help you can smooth out minor flaws and uneven edges. Using the Resample setting, you can speed up the process of tracing for large images, but this is fraught with unimportant results.


After setting the necessary settings, click the button.Trace, it is in the upper right corner of the Tracing options window. After a while, the image is traced. Now click on the Expand button, which is located on the Control panel. The image will be transferred to Curves Bezier.


To save the result, clickMenu item File - & gt- Save as or use the hotkeys Ctrl + Shift + S. In the appeared window enter the name for the future file, specify the required format and at the end click "Save".

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