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HOW converted to curves in Illustrator

How to convert to curves in Illustrator

The work is very often the web designer is required to alter the bitmap image into a vector.

In Adobe Illustrator graphics editor for this purpose there is a function Trace options.

You will need

  • - The program Adobe Illustrator.



Open the Adobe Illustrator required image: Press the menu File - & gt- Open or shortcut keys Ctrl + O. In the new window, click OK soon.


Take the tool Selection tool (hotKey V) and click on the picture to select it. Locate the Control Panel, which is located under the main program menu. If it does not, click the Window menu item - & gt- Control. Find on this panel Live trace button. Next to this button there is another, in the form of a triangle looking down, click on it and from the menu select the lowest point - Tracing options. A new window opens.


Click the Mode menu. Here you can specify the trace mode. If you select Black and White, the result will be black and white if Grayscale - monochrome, and if Color - the color. In paragraph Threshold is set the threshold at which some pixels become white, and the other - in black. It is active only for the Black and White mode. Column Max colors specify the maximum number of colors in the final image, this option is only active for the Grayscale mode and Color.


Find Blur point. Use it to smooth out minor flaws and rough edges. With Resample setting can speed up the tracing process for large images but it is fraught with irrelevant results.


Make the necessary settings, clickTrace, it is in the upper right corner of the Tracing options window. After a while the image is traced. Now click on the Expand, which is located on the Control Panel. The image will be transferred to curves Bezier.


To save the result, clickmenu item File - & gt- Save as or use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Shift + S. In the window that appears, enter a name for your file, select the desired format, and finally click "Save".

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