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How do I convert video to mp3 format

How to convert video to mp3 format

In some cases, you want to select from the video sound track and save it as a separate file mp3.

A simple change in this case, the expansion will not help, since it will not remove from stream file.



There are several ways in whichYou can convert video into a format mp3. For each of them will require the use of a program audio or video editor, a file converter.


Open the required video in the program forvideo editing. To do this, select "File" menu - & gt- «Open" (in some applications the "File" - & gt- «Import"). Place the imported video editor on the mounting table. Then select a video track and delete it. To do this, click on the right mouse button and select "Delete" or press the delete key. Make sure that the audio track at the same time remained in place. Save your changes. To do this, select "File» - & gt- «Save as» (or «File» - & gt- «Export"), in the window that opens, enter the name of the saved file, select the mp3 format and click "Save".


Another way is to usea program for editing audio. Start the selected application, and then open it to the desired video file. The procedure for importing it into a program similar to the relevant procedure in the video editor. Since the program only works with sound, opens a soundtrack. All that now needs to be done to keep it as a separate file. To do this, select the menu "File» - & gt- «Save as» (or «File» - & gt- «Export"), in the window that appears, specify the name of a stored file, select the mp3 format and click "Save".


The next option is to useprogram for converting files. Start the appropriate application, and then import the video file. The conversion settings, choose the format mp3, the file folder to save the future, and then click "Convert". Wait until the process is complete.

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