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HOW congratulated

As congratulated

Jubilee - a very important celebration in the life of man!

On this solemn day, at the same table together all the relatives, friends and colleagues jubilee.

That is why it is important to make it a warm, memorable.

Where to begin?

- Look at the options and scenarios for the anniversary congratulations to internete-
- Inventory sheets of drawing paper, markerami-
- Buy balloons, garlands "Happy Birthday" -
- Print greeting hero of the day in a local newspaper.


holiday organization needs to do in advance. It is necessary to know in what cafes hero of the day wish to celebrate your evening. With workers need Cafe in advance to discuss the menu. If you use the services of leading, you must provide information about the hero of the day, his voice gender, age, interests, and preferences in music. However, this method requires a large investment of money.
If you have ideas, you can easily do without a professional moderator.
Please birthday beautifully decorated room. To do this, stock up with colorful balloons. Decorate the room with posters, wall newspapers, exhibitions. From the pictures, you can mount the hero of the day a video where its entire way of life will be reflected. In a video greetings can turn it on-line favorite poems, songs. You can make a comic captions to photos.
Congratulate the birthday you can use flowerhoroscope. Learn flower corresponding to the date of his birth. Buy at the flower shop this flower. Prepare a card with embedded recommendation for care of a plant. This will be a great addition to a gift.
If there are groups among the guests, for example, friends or colleagues, charge them together to write a poem hero of the day. Another way to birthday greetings - write a story where he is the main character.
You can come up with an original way of presentinggift. For example, hide a gift and birthday on your tips to find him. Tips may be in verse form or in the form of puzzles. It would be very surprising if you come to congratulate the birthday of rent a carnival costume. You can rent a huge puppets.
Arrange the red carpet birthday: "Star Track", "Jubilee Parade", bathe him in the petals of roses and applause. Excellent complement the celebration cake with the plot. You can "sculpt" hobbies, favorite movies and even the birthday. You can arrange a photo session jubilee.
Originally looks small performance orchoral performance reworked songs. As a gift, you can present a T-shirt with a picture - print. In addition to print T-shirts can be put on a mug, pan, etc.

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